I’m Michael, second year master’s student at the I School. I’m focusing on the design and implementation of data visualizations for large data sets. That also means that I can finally put my background in computer science and my dark past working on large-scale databases for Swiss banks into good use.

I used to be passionate about analog b/w photography and spent quite some free time in dark rooms developing my pictures. i don’t maintain my Flickr account, but some random selection of my pictures can still be seen there. What sparked my interest in photography was an Henri Cartier Bresson exhibition in Tel Aviv back in the day. His life work is currently also shown at SF MOMA, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

My final project team designs an educational platform for distance learners, which presents students with multi-modal narratives. I hope that what we do in the course of this semester informs the design of our system. Apart from that, I’m looking forward to explore media editing tools a little further.

Contact me at mike@ischool.berkeley.edu