The CLTC will host an informal, non-obligatory Information Session on the grant application process in South Hall, Room 107, on September 7 from 4:00-5:00pm. CLTC will also host a handful of office hours for those seeking one-on-one advice; please check this space for more details.… [Read more...]

First Assignment

August 26th, 2015

Yes, already, but its short.  If you have an idea that you would like to pursue in the course, be prepared to make a short “pitch” to recruit other students in class on Thursday August 27th and/or Tuesday September 1st.  Your pitch should be short – about 2-3 minutes, laying out as best you can 1) who your user is, … [Read more...]

Welcome to INFO 213!

August 26th, 2015

Welcome to INFO 213, the UC Berkeley School of Information’s graduate-level course in User Interface Design and Development.

Please subscribe to the mailing list if you have not done so already. 

There is a wait list for the course this year, so make sure to attend all classes to ensure your spot.  Your participation in the class will depend on … [Read more...]

Citing the “fraud, deceit, and stupidity” of its target, the self-described “Impact Team” posted 10 gigabytes worth of personal data—including names, passwords, and credit card numbers—for 37 million customers of Toronto-based Ashley Madison, a website set up to facilitate extramarital affairs.

The Guardian reported on one of the many ripples of this event: the potential for the data to be … [Read more...]

The New York Times recently published a jaw-dropping visualization to depict how much of Americans’ private information is already in the hands of hackers.

The questionnaire asks first whether you have “applied for a job with or worked for the federal government since 2000? (following the wake of the hack of the Office of Personnel Management), then screens whether you … [Read more...]

Info 290 | About

July 14th, 2015

Gif Image: I'm a cyborg and that's okay

Image Source: Gif Movie. This image evokes a pattern of techno-orientalism in depictions of transhumanist futures. If you are interested in learning more about this intersection of race and technological futures, explore scholars  Margaret Rhee, Takeo Rivera and this collection at

Re-Imagining the Body |||| Design, Data, Values and Intersectionality

There are few … [Read more...]

The area around Makola market is crowded with traders trying to carve out a small space to display their goods and attract the attention of potential customers. Rentable shops and market stalls are in short supply. It is fairly common for a property owner to ask for 10 years up front to rent such a space. Informal arrangements are common. … [Read more...]

Wondering what the research is saying about building ICT solutions in Agriculture? Our first ICT4D Technology Research Brief. Click to download the PDF:

ict4d_tech_research_brief#1[Read more...]

There are now quite a number of experimental designs and RCTs (randomized controlled trials) of market information systems measuring revenue gained by rural agriculturalists (farmers, fishermen) and traders. While some show improvements to the prices farmers get for their crops, others disappointingly show a lack of impact. There are also studies of agricultural extension services delivered via mobile phone which … [Read more...]

A warm welcome to visitors who’ve found their way to this page from the Catholic Relief Services ICT4D conference.

To know more about the objectives of this 5+ year research project visit our about page.

If you are involved in an ICT4D project in the domain of agricultural, markets, and trade please visit our projects page to see if it … [Read more...]