Assignment 6: Blocking

February 27th, 2015

This week’s assignment is due on Thursday March 5th 9AM.

Create 3-5 wireframe sketches with grids by only using the blocking method. Must use the final format size. Show examples in full size if possible, on black, no other type or information on screen. Show with and without grids. Grid to include, Column, Rows, Modules, and definition of why … [Read more...]

This week’s assignment has two parts and they are both due on Thursday Feb 26th 9AM.

Part I: Type 1

You will design UI of a new mobile weather app. Create typographic hierarchy with the following set of rules:

  • Use Verdana as typeface
  • Use scale
  • You may use rotation of text
  • Background is white and figure is black
  • No
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Assignment 4: Research Document

February 13th, 2015

In this assignment, you will document challenges and objectives of your system / interface, as well as explore different aspects of your target users that could inform your design.

Document your results in the “Process02.Research” document (available in Keynote or PowerPoint).

Due as a blogpost with a PDF attachment on Thursday Feb 19th 9AM.… [Read more...]

Step I

Read selected chapters (pp. 20-38 and pp. 85-103) from Dondis, D.A. (1973) A Primer of Visual Literacy.

Step II

Create 5 new pairs of contrasting compositions, based on Dondis’ reading. More objectively apply the gestalt principles. Document your results in your Workshop 2 document (available in Keynote or PowerPoint).

Part III

Discuss how the … [Read more...]

Readings for Feb 9th

February 3rd, 2015

Heather Hudson, visiting scholar, Prof. at University of Alaska-Anchorage will be speaking on, “Rural Broadband: Federal Players and Policies.”

Please read this article:

Hudson, H. (2013) Beyond Infrastructure: Broadband for
Development in Remote and Indigenous Regions
. Journal of Rural and Community Development.

The following websites provide information on the programs that will be discussed in class, and have … [Read more...]

Gestalt principles are among the fundamental properties of the perceptual system. Providing the basis of our ability to make sense of the sensory signals.


In this assignment, you will create 5 pairs of contrasting compositions, as you will interpret the gestalt principles below. Each pair of compositions you will create should compare and contrast with each other. The entire set … [Read more...]

Readings for Feb. 2nd

January 28th, 2015

Reading list for Feb 2nd – Eric Brewer and Yahel Ben-David:

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Due Thursday Jan 29th 9AM

Goal: Learn to capture the essence of a place that relates to your UI Project. Turn your observations into a set of actionable design items.

Take a look at the Process Document #1 (available in Keynote or PowerPoint). Have this document in mind, visit a real place that relates to your final UI design … [Read more...]

Welcome to ICT4SE!

January 22nd, 2015

Welcome to the Spring 2015 ICT for Social Enterprise course!  Thanks for a lively discussion during the first day.  This week we will be listening to members of the, and LeadGenius teams share the process of forming their respective social enterprises. In preparation, please skim through each of their websites. Also, please make sure to:

  • Join
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Course Description and Schedule

January 20th, 2015

Our first class was held today. There’s still room to join. See the course description and provisional schedule.… [Read more...]