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If you are involved in an ICT4D project in the domain of agricultural, markets, and trade please visit our projects page to see if it … [Read more...]

Reposting this entry from The Connectivity, Inclusion, and Inequality Group blog at the Oxford Internet Institute. (see the original post here and download the full report on connectivity and the tea sector in Rwanda)

by Chris Foster

Market information systems are growing in popularity as an intervention by governments, NGOs and private firms alike. New information provision for farmers, … [Read more...]



A game of cricket is played between 2 teams with 11 players on each side. The cricket ground is made of 2 concentric circles. Typically, The bowling team  is allowed to field 4 fielders in the outer circle. However during a powerplay, the fielding restrictions allow only 2 fielders outside. With this fielding arrangement, the … [Read more...]


We have taken data from the draftexpress.com to assess data for physical and performance measurements of players drafted (first and second round of draft) from 1987 to 2014 into the NBA. Overall the most interesting insights were that on average the height of players is decreasing as Centers are becoming smaller while point guards are becoming bigger (perhaps in … [Read more...]

Big Data and Boxing

May 8th, 2015


For this semester, I chose to explore the possibilities of incorporating big data into the sport of boxing. As an avid boxing fan and novice fighter myself, the idea of marrying big data with boxing was extremely exciting and thought-provoking. Many critics have declared boxing a dying sport over the recent years. There is a lack of box office … [Read more...]

Strava is a mobile app for tracking runs and bike rides using a GPS device, such as a smartphone or a dedicated device. After recording an activity, a map of the activity can be reviewed, along with statistics of the activity (such as distance, moving time, average speed).



Additionally, graphs can be viewed for various metrics throughout the ride, such … [Read more...]

PART 1. Based on the feedback, finalize the design of your three screens for the Course Final Project Exhibition on May 8th. If your design is for devices other than a laptop, prepare your design to be shown on the actual device (e.g., phone, tablet, watch, etc.).

PART 2. Print 6 process documents for the exhibition. These prints will showcase … [Read more...]

In an environment where the mobile phone is reaching near ubiquity, how does a migrant worker manage his day to day life without a mobile phone, especially when it may be the only platform for communicating with his family back home? Ajay is a corn and lime juice seller in the city of New Delhi in India. He is unwilling … [Read more...]

Assignment 12: Final Part 2

April 17th, 2015

Considering the feedback you received in class and the four visual design elements summarized on slide 2, continue to refine the design of your three chosen screens.

For each of your three screens, document your design study as well as your final design (i.e., each screen you present on page 3-5 should be different to document/illustrate your process) in the … [Read more...]

Assignment 11: Final Part 1

April 10th, 2015

Carefully review the visual design elements discussed in class and summarized on page 2 of this document. Continue to refine the design of your three chosen screens based on these four design elements.

For each of your three screens, document your design study as well as your final design (i.e., each screen you present on page 3-5 should be different … [Read more...]