Century of the Self

Here is the link to the first of four episodes that make up this series. The first couple of minutes are choppy, hang in there.


There are links to the other four episodes in the right hand column.

One Response to “Century of the Self”

  1. -kates. says:

    two of my interests in the ‘century’ episodes:

    1. freud’s gradual disenchantment.
    2. return of consumerism narratives, after roosevelt.

    i felt sorrowful for his retreats. the consumer ideology that was fashioned in america appears to have been freud’s worst fears come to life. moreover, the fears came to life and he hated the life he saw. i guess i’m surprised freud was so affected.

    given the fact that freud predicted humans were irrational and emotionally able to be manipulated, i suspected he would be more resolved about the whole matter, when it panned out as he expected. like “hmpf. figures,” is what i thought freud would say.

    but no. it seemed more like, “why! why! why! …bastards.”

    why is the consumerism narrative our touchstone of return? corporations, at the world’s fair, were able to re-enchant the public mind away from roosevelt’s introduction of the citizen-participant american, back to the consumer-american story that began in freud’s theories.

    i’d argue we’re still there. or there again, depending on how you look at it. one measure of health in our nation is consumption–if we’re spending. surely there are alternate ways to measure national ‘health.’

    why is the consumer-american a touchstone narrative for us? is it that attractive to our irrantional core nature, or that genius that we can’t help but get snagged along?

    or, yikes, maybe we’re not trying hard enough. how would we come up with a better storyline? what are the steps? maybe we don’t take any, because we actually like the consumption narrative. is the pushback the fact that we’re just not admitting that?