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Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Location:  South Hall, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, CA  google map

Visitor information:  I School  UC Berkeley

Registration:  Registration is through Eventbrite.

$20 for current students and $40 for general community.


Grand Prize $1000

Plus prizes for:

  • Best application
  • Best visualization
  • Best use of data


We will have a judging pool composed of I School Alumni and members of the community.  Participants will also take a role selecting the best projects.


What if I’m already working on a project that I’d like to continue?  You’re welcome to start working a project in advance.  You may also want to start work on a project related to a course or research project.  However, we do expect full disclosure of what’s been done prior to the event and who did the work.

Do I need have project / team in advance of the event?  No. You can bring your team or find a team at the event.


What size teams are you accepting?  We will accept teams of 2-4 people.

Do I have to be a Rockstar/Ninja/God/Superhero to participate?  No, although we welcome those folks too.  All skill levels are welcome, just bring your design or developer skills to contribute to a project.


What is a Hackathon?  It’s collaboration of creative people who like to work with technology.  read more at wikipedia

What’s the purpose of this event?  We want to bring together designers and developers on campus and in local community.  And, we want to create a place for people to share a project, join a project, build a portfolio, and to learn more about the I School.

What is the I School?  Please see the About page.

How can I learn more about what’s happening?  Read and subscribe to this blog.

What’s the Twitter hashtag#idh2012





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