Moving forward with the BigInsights VM

Hi all, we were not able to get the tutorials running on AWS so for now we are continuing with the BigInsights VM Image (Option 4) which is working fine. We can revisit working with AWS at a later date if there is interest but it seems to be a known issue (from the forums) that it’s not working properly.


We can continue next week with either Introduction to Pig, Intro to MapReduce programming, or Using Hive for Data Warehousing. I think it might make sense to continue with MR programming after the Hadoop Fundamentals labs. Let me know what you think. How are the tutorials going so far?



Understanding Big Data by Eaton, Deroos, Deutsch et el

Understanding Big Data
Understanding Big Data


Below (and above) is a link to a book am enjoying browsing lately by top BigData IBMers (Its free download) that i thought would be of value to many of you. It is very IBM centric however it provides great insights into Big Data & provides some detail Hadoop primer to get one started. Enjoy!!