Readings for Feb 9th

Heather Hudson, visiting scholar, Prof. at University of Alaska-Anchorage will be speaking on, “Rural Broadband: Federal Players and Policies.”

Please read this article:

Hudson, H. (2013) Beyond Infrastructure: Broadband for
Development in Remote and Indigenous Regions
. Journal of Rural and Community Development.

The following websites provide information on the programs that will be discussed in class, and have extensive information on rural broadband in the U.S.

Explore the following websites to get a general sense of what information they provide, and read specific items noted below.

1. – takes you to an FCC site

Read the “Executive Summary of the National Broadband Plan” linked from that page.

Explore other links.

2. Rural Utilities Service

Read the news release for the Community Connect Broadband Grants, and the link to the full notice in the Federal Register.

Could the project in this course qualify for funding?

3. The Telecom Programs of RUS

See links to Community Connect Program and Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program

4. National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Read in What’s New: “AWS-3 Auction Highlights New Approach to Spectrum Policy”

Follow the link to Broadband USA to see what programs NTIA funds and what data it collects.


Background and programs of the FCC’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy.


Follow the link below “About the company” to “Universal Service” and read this overview of U.S. universal service programs and funding.


National broadband for public safety.

Readings for Feb. 2nd

Reading list for Feb 2nd – Eric Brewer and Yahel Ben-David: