Reading Assignment for October 17

We’ll be joined on Friday by Ilene Moore, General Counsel of The Permanente Federation, and Prof. Deirdre Mulligan of the I School.  Here are two readings for the class:

Jingquan Li, Privacy Policies for Health Social Networking Sites, J. Am Med Inform Assoc 2013; 0:1-4

J.Am.Med Privacy policies for health social networking sites

Joseph Hall and Deven McGraw.  For Telehealth To Succeed, Privacy And Security Risks Must Be Identified And Addressed.  Health Affairs, 33, no.2 (2014):216-221

Health Affairs For Telehealth to Succeed, Privacy and Security Risks Must be Identified and addressed

Reading assignment for October 3

Our guest speaker for tomorrow’s class is Andrea Kissack, Senior Editor, Science at KQED. Andrea has suggested the following readings:

Here are three  articles on the digital health makeover that I like. The third is very skeptical but worth reading,  as it comes from the Times (I actually spoke with Elizabeth at the Rock Health conference that she is writing about) and I think east coast journalists look at us out in CA like we have all drank the cool-aid …

Eric Topol/WSJ-

The Robot Will See You now/The Atlantic-

and the article questioning the hype around digital health from the NYT’s Elizabeth Rosenthal

Big Data–

How Big Data is Changing Medicine/KQED (from last week)


If you want to dig deeper into  efforts to make data more available to accelerate scientific research, here is a talk from an advocate.

Ted Radio hour on Privacy and the need for sharing medical information through medical records, wearables, etc.

Reading assignment for September 26

For next Friday’s class on patient-centered care, the readings below include a combination of commentary and research studies.

Also, a reminder to send Scott and me an outline of your proposed final project by Friday, September 26.  If you have questions, get in touch!


Optional reading: Background on the U.S. health system

For those of you who are new to the study of (U.S.) healthcare, you may find pp. 128 – 135 of the Commonwealth Fund’s International Profiles of Health Care Systems helpful. Scott will cover more about the changing U.S. system in his lecture on September 19th as well. If anyone has suggestions for other good primers on the U.S. system, please add them to the blog comments.  And we’re happy to answer questions during or after class this Friday!

Reading assignment for September 12th

On September 12th, we’ll be discussing the crucial tools that allow new ways of capturing, storing, and sharing health information, with the potential of ultimately helping to re-organize healthcare.  We’ll be joined by Matthew Douglass from Practice Fusion and Susan Moon from Kaiser Permanente. Here are some background readings to get you going: [article moved behind paywall, so please use the following newer alternative]:

Lecture & Class Schedule

Each week we will focus on a new area concerning information, health and healthcare.  These will range from consumer and purchasers views to privacy issues to new and (potentially) disruptive innovations.  We’ve listed the dates, topic areas and lecturers below.  See you next week….

September 5th

  • Introduction – Scott Young, M.D.
  • Role of transparency in quality performance improvement – Patrick Courneya, M.D.  Kaiser Permanente
  • The Purchaser’s View on Health – David Lansky, PhD Pacific Business Group on Health

September 12th

  • Data capture and data flows in healthcare.  PHR, EHR and beyond – Panel discussion moderated by Sean Hennessey, Kaiser Permanente.  Panelist: Susan Moon, Kaiser Permanente, Matthew Douglass, Practice Fusion

September 19th

  • The US healthcare system in transition – Scott Young, M.D.

September 26th

  • The concept of patient-centered care, US and international perspectives – Dr. Ted Adams, National Health Service (UK), Sean Hennessey, Kaiser Permanente

October 3rd

  • Disruptive innovations to empower consumers (part 1) – Lindsey Irvine,

October 10th

  • Disruptive innovations to empower consumers (part 2) – Sean Duffy, M.D. Omada Health, Jim Bellows, PhD, Kaiser Permanente

October 17th

  • Health information and privacy – Prof. Deirdre Mulligan, I School, Ilene Moore, esq. Kaiser Permanente

October 24th

  • Wrap up and class project show – Scott Young & Sean Hennessey