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I read a lot of news and blogs on the internet. I have dozens of news sites and news apps that I go through everyday as my routine with my phone, tablet, and PC. But of course, I don’t read every single one of them at once. I skim through websites and apps looking for […]


Lovely is a rental-hunting app that streamlines the process of finding and applying for home rentals. It sources classifieds from rental sites, property management firms, and its own rental database, giving users a wide variety of places to choose from. Its clean and thoughtful design allows users to easily search for and set alerts for […]


FitStar :: a mobile experience filling the gaps between your workout goal and reality FitStar is a workout app for those people who doesn’t know the workout routines and doesn’t have time to go gym in its business hour. This is actually how I describe myself. I have  a 3 year old son who will […]


Reeder is a rss reading application for the iPhone. It integrates with various RSS services, such as the now defunct Google reader and Feedly. I choose to feature Reeder as my App of the Week because the navigation is very well designed. It has been carefully constructed  to stay out of your way when reading. […]


Pinterest is primarily a web-based collection organization social site, but their mobile app is very well done. It can be difficult to translate full website features into a much smaller device, and even though Pinterest has very simple interactions, “simple” does not always lead to “good.” Home Screen Given the visual nature of Pinterest, photographs […]


I’ve lived in Oakland now for almost two years and I don’t know my neighbors. (To my credit I do know all of the neighbors in my building.) I heard about the mobile app Nextdoor through a friend who began working their several months ago and I finally decided to try it out. I now […]

App in the air

App in the Air App in the Air is an application whose mission is to facilitate the lives of those who fly. This app exists on iOS and Android but here I will only describe my experience with the Android version.  For me App in the Air is not only very useful but also very […]


Faded is a photo editor for iOS devices that allow you to have a greater depth of customization when editing your photos. One of the distinguishing aspects of Faded is the ability to let you edit more aspects of the photo, such as the contrast, and temperature. They allow you to do this while still […]

Tweetbot for iOS

Tweetbot is a fully-featured Twitter application that allows you to view your timeline, reply to mentions, and see what’s trending. Crafted by Tapbots, a team with a strong design philosophy, this app is filled with lovely gestures and comes wrapped in a beautiful design. Timeline My Timeline The first screen in this app is the […]

Nudge Yourself

Health and wellness improvement has become the major application for the Quantified Self (QS) movement. Fitness trackers and new smartphones are including a bunch of sensors and applications that allow users to track daily activity, calories burned, water consumption, sleep & weight. Nudge gathers data from fitness tracking apps, allowing users to understand their own […]