FitStar :: a mobile experience filling the gaps between your workout goal and reality

FitStar is a workout app for those people who doesn’t know the workout routines and doesn’t have time to go gym in its business hour. This is actually how I describe myself. I have  a 3 year old son who will be with me every hour except 9 to 5 at his school, and I have a part time job and full time curriculum at I School. I have been out of shape since pregnancy, and I have been wanted to get a personal trainer because I do not know how to work out by my own. The main blocker is I do not have a time to go and find the personal trainer from the start.

I think FitStar is filling in the gaps of those people who find them helpless in working out using the mobile technology. At first, I thought this is another app with bunch of work out videos you can find it on youtube, which is partly true. However, when the people can find the curated videos they want with additional instructions with encouragements of the instructor, I think the experience get quite different from the bundled video clips. On top of that, people are with their mobile device all the time, so FitStar can actually make people start their workout at any time just with bare ground.








By providing the details of the workout routine, you get to be more confident on what you get to do next.








FitStar also keep the track of how you did the workout routine so that you can check it back your progress.