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December 4, 2011


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 Note: I try to front-load the course with what you most need to do your projects.  That means galloping through some topics, which we will revisit as needed later.  There’s lots of information online in various places about all these topics;  in class we’ll emphasize key elements, but we can’t cover all the details. You’ll be expected to do a lot of reading and investigation on your own.


1. Jan. 17 & 19: Intro to course and participants

Please fill out student information form, print it, and bring to class

Intro to User Experience Research
 and Usability

UX for different circumstances: e.g., mobile usability

Overview of Methods

Initial discussion of final projects

2. Jan. 24 & 26

Jan 24: Assn 1 due; discuss in class

Jan. 24: Project fundamentals:

  • Issues in taking on projects (for this course and in professional practice)
  • Scoping the work
  • Dealing with clients
  • Project design and scheduling
  • Choosing appropriate methods
  • Working with users
  • –Selection and recruiting
  • –Ethics

Jan 26:

Expert evaluation: heuristics, competitor analysis, walk-throughs


3. Jan 31 & Feb. 2


Measurement: key issues of quantitative and qualitative methods as applied to UX

Data collection method: Observation

Intro to interviewing & surveying: deciding what to ask, how, of whom

4. Feb. 7 & 9

Feb 7 (tentative) potential clients pitch projects

Feb 9: observation assignment due; discussed in class.

Interviewing and surveying, cont.

5. Feb. 14 & 16

Usability testing

First discussion of  recording and reporting UX research: intro to vide and audio recording; photography

Feb 16: diary studies, cultural probes

6. Feb 21 & 23

Analyzing quantitative & qualitative data: usability testing results; diary studies and cultural probes results.


8. March 6 & 8

Usability Testing Assignment due: a summary video and written report.  We’ll view some of the videos in class

Further discussion of usability testing.

9. March 13 & 15

Scenarios and personas

10. March 20 & 22

March 20: NVH out of town. Guest speaker.


March 27 & 29: Spring Break 

After Spring Break: at this point our emphasis will be on working with what you’re learning on your projects.  We’ll spend a lot of time discussing how your projects are progressing, problems encountered; and summarizing and reporting your results.    Exact schedule TBD.

11. April 3 & 5

Analyzing, summarizing, reporting data

12. April 10 & 12


Working with people in your organization

Guest speaker

13. April 17 & 19


14. April 24 & 26

Overview, summary, recap, conclusions, leftover topics — ???

Probably start presentations, depending on how many we have.


15. RRR week

Project presentations

We will treat these as dry-runs, i.e., the class will give feedback.


May 8: papers due, 5 pm




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