Interactive Prototype Assignment

Due: Thursday, October 29th, 2015 before Class

Objective: In this assignment, you will test your low-fidelity prototype(s) and use the results to inform the design of the first interactive prototype for your final project.

What to do:

  1. Start with the list of observations / suggestions / design directions you generated in the last assignment. Brainstorm with your group how you may address or explore potential approaches to addressing these issues in your next set of prototypes.
  2. Design your prototypes using one of the tools discussed in class, or another of your choosing . The prototypes should be sufficient to at least “walk through” three key tasks for your application. You may choose to have different prototypes for each task, or to explore multiple alternatives for addressing a design problem.Utilizing wizard-of-oz techniques is fine, and recommended when you have not implemented some of the underlying functionality. You might also continue to explore some options on paper or using low-fidelity techniques.
  3. In class on October 29th, be ready with your interactive prototype to get feedback from other class members. This includes providing enough guidance and/or supporting material so that the user can understand the intent and operation of the prototype.

What to turn in:

The preferred method of turn-in is a PDF document, including each of the following components. To avoid a late penalty, e-mail a link to your group’s submission to the professor and TA before class on Thursday, October 29th:

  1. Cover sheet including yourself and your partners’ names, and your project focus. Note the time, duration and attendance of each brainstorming session. Include a paragraph about what each person contributed to the assignment [1/2 page].
  2. If you revised and/or developed new lo-fi prototypes, please provide new pictures. These pictures should include enough detail and supporting text so that we can understand how the eventual system is intended to work [2-3 pages].
  3. Provide a link to your interactive prototype(s).  Include directions of how to install and/or run it (if needed).  Supplement with screen shots if helpful [1-2 pages].
  4. Describe the tools you used to develop your prototype(s), how they helped and/or created additional obstacles [1/2 page].
  5. Be ready with supporting material and your interactive prototype to be tested in class on October 29th.

The total length of your report should be less than 6 pages (not including any revised lo-fi prototype pictures). Brevity, clarity and focus on the goals of the assignment will be rewarded.

Please contact the professor or the class TA if you have any questions with this assignment.