I’m not one for posting my emotions all over the web. So for my audience of four people, sorry about this. But Tim Russert’s death is really bringing me down. I have been quite unhappy with the media coverage of the primaries. Actually, I was thoroughly annoyed last year before the primaries started. But to me, Tim Russert has been the only person on air to consistently remind me that good TV political interviewing and coverage is possible (I am not counting the Jim Lehrer News Hour in my mental comparison list, which is consistently good in their political coverage, but it’s almost apples and oranges).

I have no idea who will fill in the huge void this summer and fall. I spent the evening trying to think of one plausible new host for Meet the Press and couldn’t think of anyone who seems remotely feasible for doing what Russert does on a consistent basis. So, yes. I’m kinda down.