About Me

I’m a data strategist, and Ph.D. candidate and graduate data sciences instructor at the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley.

I help companies develop strategies for creating platform-based products and services that collect, analyze, and distribute users’ personal data, as well as strategies for identifying the value of data collected by these products and services.

My industry work is informed by my research examining how companies and teams address uncertainty during high stakes situations. My dissertation focuses on technology development teams’ strategies when creating pioneering multi-sided platform technologies that collect, analyze, and distribute users’ personal data.

I’m developing a suite of strategy cases focusing on technology development efforts at Suunto, Garmin, and Adidas. These cases will inform strategy decisions at companies creating similar technologies, such as those in the professional sports and entertainment domains.

With Steve Weber I co-developed and co-teach W201 Research Design and Applications for Data and Analysis for the online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) at the School of Information. It’s the foundational course in the first online degree in data science, where students learn how to use data to ask and answer big questions and guide big decisions in organizations.

Prior to pursuing my Ph.D. I worked with Yahoo! Research’s Internet Experiences Group (June 2009 – March 2011). My Masters thesis, Everyday Consumer Activities and Real-time Information Sources, examined consumer-related information use and flow on Twitter.

I have a decade of experience in product management, marketing, and research for a global corporate data broker, industrial research lab, and pair of software startups. I earned my B.A. in Economics at the University of California, Davis, and Masters in Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Information.

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PDMA 2016

On October 17, 2016 I had the opportunity to present at the annual Product Development and Management Association conference. Linked below are the slides from my talk, Strategies for Developing Innovative Personal Data-oriented Products and Services.


Abstract: Today we see the growing emergence of products and services that collect and analyze consumers’ personal data, from our search behavior and social interactions to our everyday physical activities. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Facebook have amassed tremendous valuations through such collection and analysis. Opportunities exist for companies across domains to develop such personal data-oriented products and services; however, there is a considerable risk with doing so.

In this session, participants will learn strategies to inform their personal data-oriented product development efforts. These strategies take the form of three Key Learning Points. First, how to proactively engage wth consumers and other stakeholders to secure a social license to offer such products. Second, how to design a value network for these products that can nimbly adapt to evolving social norms and regulations. Third, how to return valuable novel information to consumers, such as visualizations and metrics, in exchange for their personal data. Contemporary research and examples in several domains, including fitness, automotive, sports, and entertainment, will illustrate these learning points. Through these examples, participants will learn how to convert their ideas for collecting and using personal data into valuable products, services, and experiences.


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